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Downloadable PDF Ebook On The Best Settings For The Minelab Etrac Metal Detector

Take Advantage Of Our Affordable Priced E-book

If you are looking online for the best program settings to use on your Minelab Etrac metal detector, you have come to the right place!

You can now save hours (and days) of your valuable leisure time by way of taking advantage of the cheap priced Ebook we offer for sale that features 16 custom program settings.

This ebook is available for instant download in any easy to read universal PDF format.

All you need to open and read this ebook (or alternatively you can save for later use and print off) is a standard pdf reader program. If you do not have one of these already on your computer you can download one free such as Adobe Reader that is available here.

What’s included in this ebook?

The book comprises 16 custom programs to allow you to get the most from this machine. All of the programs have been developed over many months use detecting on different sites and ground conditions in the UK.

Are you happy with the depth the minelab etrac achieves?

Search deeper with the featured x 16 custom programs!

Are you comfortable with the signal the Minelab Etrac detector produces when using the standard factory settings?

The programs included in our PDF ebook will transform the sounds your machine produces.

Are you fed up with digging iron objects and junk you wish you could reject?

With these settings you can configure your etrac to reject unwanted items allowing you to concentrate on searching for coins, rings, and other valuable “treasures”

Is the book easy to download?

The download process is as simple as it could be!

After clicking the “buy now” button you will be taken to a secure payment page where you can order and pay for your downloadable “best program settings” e-book via the Paypal and Payloadz gateway.  

Payment can be made by either a Paypal account or using a major debit or credit card.

Once payment is complete you will have access to an instant download of the PDF format e-book.

Can this e-book be saved or printed off?

Yes, after you have downloaded the e-book you can save to a location on your pc, burn it to disc, a pen drive, or print off for later use.

Can this e-book be copied / resold?

No, this ebook cannot be copied (other than for personal use by the purchaser), distributed, offered for resale, or any content within published and posted on third party websites, blogs, or forums. All content is copyright © Westfield Distribution Ltd.

Questions / Feedback

Should you have any questions or wish to give feedback on this product please email us:
Make the most of your Minelab Etrac metal detector and your leisure time!

If you have been looking online perhaps in Google for either some alternative or to find the best settings to use with your machine, this is most likely why you have come across this feature! The Minelab Etrac Metal Detector is perhaps the most advanced and most powerful detector currently on sale and packs a whole host of standard features.

As far as the standard program settings go a lot of users are totally satisfied with them. A large number of owners though have bought this particular machine because of the flexibility it offers when it comes to using the manual settings. We all know you can download and exhange settings (some free) via Minelabs own online Xchange facility using just a usb connection on your pc, but the best program settings are the ones actual users have developed by spending hours and hours on varying site locations. This is what you can buy here via our inexpensive PDF downloadable E-book.

Please Click Here To Buy For The Low Price Of Only £19.99 (Instant Download)

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View a short video on how these best program settings can help you achieve greater results with one of the powerful Minelab E-trac Metal Detectors


You will see for yourself the change these program settings can make to your Etrac detector.

In just a few moments your E-trac can behave differently, resulting in more valuable finds!
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