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General Lawn Care Tips.. Read our Top Tips on how to care for the lawn in your garden.

With some care and attention, and a little bit of hard work… you can create a lawn that can be used with every season. If your UK home has a garden the chances are that it will have a lawn of one size or another, especially if you are one of the many UK residents that enjoys gardening.
But, is your lawn in a good condition or is it in need of some much needed care? Does it have moss within it? Or are there a few bare patches with very little grass present at all? These are just a few reasons that may be pointing you in the direction of seeking some top tips on lawn care.
Diagnosis of its current condition
Unless you are thinking of laying a new lawn the first thing that you should do is take a look and note down what the present condition of the lawn is. If you don’t feel confident about doing this yourself you could contact a local lawn care specialist company who will undertake this for you - but it is possible to be your own “lawn doctor” with a little time, effort, and budget.
An outline of what you need to look for is;- what is it’s overall condition? Are there any weeds present? Are there any grubs or other pests present? How healthy does it look? Is it bare of grass in places? Is moss present? How green is your lawn? Does it appear to have good drainage, and is not waterlogged? Is the soil compacted? Once you have these facts you can dig a little deeper with regards starting to care for your lawn.
Is there anything I can use that will make it easier to identify problems in my lawn?
We’re a big believer in using gardening and lawn care books to help identify the general problems that can be found in lawns, some of our recommended ones can be found listed here.
Whether you choose to appoint a lawn treatment specialist or carry out the remedial work yourself, the next step is to carry out whatever lawn care treatment or maintenance is needed to enjoy a lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours and friends.
The next step - getting started, what you actually do depends on whether your lawn is in a good condition or whether it needs help!
Below we list some relevant top tips based on the presumption that your lawn is ok, if it is not - please read our article on lawn renovation.
Happy with the condition of your lawn?
If your garden lawn is in a good condition you only need to carry some regular maintenance out to keep it looking that way. First, give your lawn a seasonal application of a recommended lawn fertiliser, use one that is aimed at spring, summer, autumn, or pre-winter use. Follow the supplied instructions to the letter and the required results should follow. The weed and feed type fertilisers are very good at what they do - but only use them if you have weeds present in your grass, otherwise just use a dedicated lawn fertiliser.
Popular lawn fertiliser can be found listed here: - view some of our recommended lawn fertilisers.     
Watering - water the turf in your lawn when it needs it, but especially so if the climate conditions are hot and dry, and remember to always water the lawn after the application of a fertiliser. Make sure you do not over water or give the grass a light sprinkling, it needs to be just enough to promote good deep root growth.  
Mowing the lawn with regular cutting of the grass by use of a suitable lawnmower. For any lawned area this is vital, during the growing seasons the grass needs to be cut on a frequent basis with a good lawn mower that is suited to not only the operator, but also the size, terrain and shape of the lawn that is in your garden. It is best to choose a lawn mower that collects grass as it cuts, as the cuttings and clippings should ideally be removed and not be left to settle within the turf. The only exception to this is if you have a really large garden where a mulching type mower might be considered.
Some popular lawn mowers can be found listed here: - view some of our recommended mowers.
Weed control - apart from bare patches of turf nothing looks worse that grass that is full of weeds. Keep control of these by regularly hand-weeding backed up with an application of a suitable weed killer when things start to get a little out of hand.
Aeration and scarification. Remove thatch and moss by use of a hand lawn rake or an electric or petrol engined scarifier machine. This will allow the grass to breathe and ultimately create a strong healthy lawn in your garden. Aerate the grass occasionally to improve air circulation and drainage.   

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