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Mowing the lawn at your home or property is something that a lot of homeowners dread, unless you really enjoy gardening this particular job is one that most people see as a boring chore. But if you want a nice looking landscaped area in your garden, mowing the lawn regularly is essential.
Whether you have a small, medium, or a large sized lawn in your garden, cutting down your grass cutting and mowing time is the simplest way to make this job a little more palatable.
Try to mow the grass using a straight cutting method. Work in rows where ever possible when cutting the grass. Turning the lawnmower takes up time - so fewer turns will speed up your mowing.
Clear the lawn of any moveable structures, children's toys, stones, or any tools or items of garden furniture. The same goes for any garden debris such as fallen leaves, twigs, and anything else.
Cut the lawn only when it is dry, we know that this can be difficult at times especially with some of the inclement weather that we can experience in most parts of the UK. Wet grass can be difficult to mow, and especially if it is overgrown.
Use a lawnmower that has a wide cutting width, using a mower that has a wider blade size will reduce the amount of times you will have to go up and down your garden.
Consider the type of mower that you are thinking of buying - a rotary bladed machine will cut far faster than a traditional cylinder type mower, this can let you mow the lawn far faster.
Try and invest in a good quality lawn mower - using a good quality mower will usually mean it is far more robust than a budget priced one. This ultimately should mean far less breakdowns, making the gardening job of mowing more pleasant.
When positioning the lawnmower whilst cutting, try and avoid missing any areas of uncut grass. Try and overlap the cutting row by a small amount to avoid a loss of time by having to go back over a previously mowed area again.  
When looking to invest in and buy a new lawn mower - consider buying one that has a large capacity grass collection bag. This will mean fewer trips to the compost bin or wheelie bin, again speeding up your mowing.
If using an electric mower - make sure it’s mains connection lead is long enough. It should easily reach from one  end of your lawn to the other, and with a little extra spare too. This will allow you to keep on mowing without having to re-connect into a different socket at your property.
Consider buying a cordless or petrol engined lawnmower. Both of these types of garden machinery free you up from trailing cables - speeding up your grass cutting time again.
Do you own a cordless (rechargeable battery powered) lawn mower? If so - make sure you recharge it the night before you intend to mow your lawn. Otherwise it will waste time whilst you put it back on charge.
With petrol engined machines - make sure you keep some spare petrol to-hand. There is nothing worse than running out of fuel half-way through the mowing of your lawn.
Have your lawn mower regularly serviced - a reliable lawn mower that is in A1 condition is not only more reliable, it will cut the grass faster too. A bonus is that it will be more pleasant to use as well. This service is available at most locations throughout the UK where there is a lawnmower dealer that carries our repairs and servicing. You can search for a local dealer here.
Keep your grass cutting machine clean - a clean lawn mower is not only more pleasant to use, but will will cut the grass quicker too because of the lack of build-up of dirt on it’s cutter blade, wheels, the chassis, and many more of it’s working components.
For small to medium sized garden you may be thinking of buying using an electric powered lawn mower as these are usually the cheapest type of mower that can now be bought, excluding of course the old fashioned push mowers! When looking to buy a new mower take some time in choosing the right model - and where your budget allows, always try to buy one that features a good sized electric motor. When shopping for a mower keep an eye out for the wattage rating of its motor, the higher the wattage - the more powerful the lawn mowers motor is. This again will help you to mow your lawn fast.

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