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Website Design And Search Engine Optimisation

Find information on setting up a business website
If you are in business - you will need a website!

What are the costs involved in setting up a small business website?

How involved is the process of web site design?

Where can I buy a domain name?

I want local customers - how can my website attract local clients?

What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

What are keywords and key word phrases?

Can social media site (Facebook and Twitter) help drive customers to my business?

Website Costs:

The principal costs of starting and operating a small business website are as follows:

1) Buying Your Own Unique Domain name

This is the name of your website, the url ‘address’ which you buy from a website registrar. The costs you need to pay depend on the type of the domain; .com,, .biz .org, etc.

In general names cost approximately £3.00 to £10.00 a year, and .com names around £10.00 to £40.00 a year.

Web Site Hosting Service

Your website will be need to be hosted on a computer server which is permanently connected to the world wide web (the internet). The site hosting fees depend to some extent on how big and complex your website is, but are rarely more than £100 to £300.00 a year.

Website Design

This is the process of work needed to create and build your small business website. It is is likely to be the single most expensive element of having a website. The total cost with regards to its design will depend on variable factors such as:

The number of pages you want
The complexity of the design
How much content you provide, and what you may have to buy in from subcontractors and third parties
If any animation or video is used
If there are any interactive facilities needed eg a shopping cart system or an email web form
Whether you require a content management system

As a rough guide, many local freelance website designers can produce a simple website from copy and images provided for a cost of around £300.00 to £500.00 (GBP). It is worth noting that this fee could increase if the site becomes bigger and more complicated. Generally the more content and pages you have - the more it will cost!

If you require a complex and more dynamic site you will probably need to appoint a full service website design company.

You will benefit from their know how and internet marketing technical expertise, they will also usually have all the skills that you are unlikely to have in your own business.

The costs for this type of website design will be higher: a good design agency will charge between £350.00 and £800.00 a day, and for a very complex (or large page quantity) website the cost will be several hundred, or even several thousand pounds.

However, it’s important to see this as an investment in the future of your small business.
Maintaining Your Site

You’ll need to keep your site up to date, with relevant content and information that your clients want to read. Your site needs to take account of any changes to your business, to technology, and to the latest design styles. If you have a very complex site, the design company is probably best placed to handle maintenance and updates, although there are many independent website maintenance specialists. The cost of maintenance contracts depends on how complicated the site is, most charge by an hourly rate or in some cases a fixed amount for an agreed amount of work.

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