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You can use this online directory to find local beauty salons, beauty consultants and therapists, hair dressers, make up specialists, nail bars, and nail technicians in the City, Town, or area you live or work in.

In addition this free to use directory can help you find mobile beauty consultants, hair dressers, and therapists that provide an individual and personal service to suit your needs and requirements.

Do you need to find a mobile beauty therapist in Sheffield? An expert for hair care treatments in Bath? Or are you looking for a spa centre that provides nail treatments and manicure services in Stratford Upon Avon?  

Unlike other online directories we aim to offer you a simple and really fast option to find UK beauty salons, consultants, and therapists that are local to you...

If you are looking on-line for a local beauty salon or beauty therapist you will be able to find it fast and easily using our simple to use A - Z search...


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Our featured listings are UK beauty salons, hair care, hair dressers, nail technicians, and beauty therapists that have requested for their business or company to have an enhanced listing on our “featured” page. In addition we randomly feature alternative businesses and beauty - spa service providers that we feel will be of interest to you...more info on featured listings

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What is a Beauty Salon?

A beauty salon is an establishment (or business) that provides clients (this can be men as well as women) with advice, services, and treatments to improve their beauty.

An alternative name for this type of establishment is a Beauty Parlour. Alternative variations of this type of business include hair salons, nail bars, and spas.  

Examples of the range of services and treatments available in most salons (or parlours) include hair care - hair colouring, hair dressing, hair extensions, hair removal and waxing. Nail care with treatments including nail extensions, nail fill-ins, manicures, and varnishing, the application of products for nail strengthening. Various massages inc aromatherapy, thai, shiatsu, and head massage’s. Facial cosmetic application and moisturising. Beauty foot care treatments including pedicures, and all types of eye treatments and make-up.

Difference between a Beauty Salon and a Hair Salon / Nail Bar

There is a clear distinction between a beauty salon and a hair salon or nail nail. Although a large number of local small businesses offer two or more of these services, beauty salons tend to provide more generalised services related to cosmetic make-up, skin health and condition, aromatherapy, foot care, and treatments including mud baths and face pack applications.

As regards hair treatments most salons offer waxing and threading for hair removal.  

What is a Beauty Spa

This refers to a business or establishment which is a beauty “spa” centre where trained professionals carry out services and treatments to improve an individuals natural beauty. A spa can be a “stand alone” business unit or can be part of a greater concern; it could be within a sports centre, a gym, leisure centre, or is commonly based in the UK within a hotel.

Most spa’s involve some type of therapeutic treatments involving water. This can include the spa having a bathing - swimming pool as well as hot tubs and Jacuzzi's.  

In the UK you will find local beauty spas in most City and Town locations including the featured ones listed below:  

Beauty Therapist...

What is a Beauty Therapist?

A beauty therapist is an individual that specialises in providing beauty treatments for the body and face and who's job it is to help clients (customers) make the most of their physical appearance. In addition a beauty therapist helps clients (both men and women) feel more confident and less stressed about themselves.

A beauty therapist can be based in a local beauty salon that could be a business unit on its own or contained within a separate entity, for example in a hotel’, a club, gym, leisure centre, or a spa.    

Amongst the common services provided by therapists are treatments including:

                  * Eye make-up, eyebrow, and eye lash treatments
                  * Facial treatments including the use of different products and techniques
                  * Hair care including hair dressing, colouring, styling, tinting, and hair removal
                  * Hand care and moisturising treatments
                  * Foot care and moisturising treatments, pedicures
                  * All types of beauty nail treatments and techniques, manicures, application of nail polishes and varnishes
                  * Cosmetic advice and application

A beauty therapist may also provide a specialised treatment either by way of a particular product or a technique.

What should you look for when choosing or looking for a local Beauty Therapist?

The task of being a good beauty therapist consists of far more than being able to apply and administer beauty treatments and cosmetics. In order to cater for the individual needs of all clients they will usually need to portray the following qualities:

                  * Good appointment time keeping - clients should not be kept waiting or be rushed whilst having treatments
                 * Have an open and warm personality - both men and women clientele need to feel totally at ease
                 * Personal hygiene and grooming - beauty therapists need to employ high standards of personal hygiene and                               grooming at all times. Being in close contact and proximity of clients they need to bathe or shower daily, use                              deodorant regularly, have fresh breath, and preferably hair tied back or cut appropriately.
                  * Good health and stamina - the hours worked by a beauty consultant or therapist (whether working in a salon or                         mobile) can be long and tiring, especially if the diary appointment book is full. A lot of time is spent on their feet                         (or driving in a car if they are a mobile beauty therapist or hair dresser) and so it’s essential to have good                                  stamina.
                 * Be understanding and recognise the individual needs of clients that require a particular treatment. Every client                          that requires beauty treatment should be treated in an way that gives personal attention. Care, the                                          understanding of their individual needs and personal circumstances as well as privacy, are key parts to keeping                         and attracting local clients that are looking for a beauty therapist.     

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Find a local mobile beauty therapist for beauty care and treatments in Sheffield

If you are looking for a friendly and experienced beauty therapist contact Sheffield Beauty Therapist    
Find a local mobile beauty therapist for beauty treatments in Chesterfield

If you are looking to find a local therapist contact Chesterfield Mobile Beauty Therapist    


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