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Buy the Splash Stoppa Cement Mixer Lid

Splash Stoppa Cement Mixer Lid

Buy the revolutionary Splashstoppa Cement Mixer Lid at a competitive price in the UK!
A “must have” purchase for builders, gardeners, landscapers, and UK tool hire shops - the “Splashstoppa” is an efficient time saving accessory for all operators and owners of cement mixers…..
Don’t struggle to clean your cement or concrete mixer, make the job of cleaning it’s drum easier with the purchase of a Splash Stoppa Lid!
The Splash Stoppa © has been designed to fit any standard cement or concrete mixer that has an internal drum diameter of 390mm or more, alternatively this cleaning lid will fit mixers that has an external drum diameter of 440mm or more.
Some popular brands of cement mixers that the splashstoppa fits include the:

Belle Minimix

Master Mix

Wickes Electric Mixer

DIY Cement Mixing Machines

Site Mixers

Remember, this UK manufactured accessory fits most makes and models of cement mixers that can be purchased in the the UK.
Splash Stoppa Cement Mixer Lid Accessory

Splash Stoppa Benefits

This useful and “cheap priced” accessory has several key benefits for owners and operators of cement mixing machines.

Time Saving       ….the Splash Stoppa allows the user to clean the drum of a cement mixer in a faster time!

Improve Safety On Site      ….cleaning a mixer can be a messy and hazardous job, this accessory reduces the possibility of splashing whilst cleaning!

Prevents Damage to nearby vehicles        …fitting a splashstoppa can reduce the risk of causing damage to nearby vehicles!

Easy To Fit        ….it can be fitted whilst mixing or cleaning is taking place, it’s polymer construction giving a snug fit!

Tough and Robust        ….light in weight, and made of a tough material, this accessory can withstand most conditions on building and construction sites!
Are you a builder, landscaper, fence installer, or someone that uses a cement mixer regularly?
If so - you could be wasting hours each week when it comes to the messy job of cleaning your mixer!
Are you the operator of a UK Tool Hire Shop that offers the hire of a cement mixer?
If so - your fitters and repair staff are probably spending several hours per week cleaning mixers the hard way!
Splash Stoppa for DIY Cement Mixer Fits Belle Cement Mixer Cheapest Price Splash Stoppa Buy the spash Stoppa from Amazon UK
See a video of the Splash Stoppa in action….

Further Details on the Splashstoppa

This handy and versatile cement mixer lid can be purchased in the UK from Amazon.
For more details and information on the latest price (including any special offers and product promotions) please visit >>> Splash Stoppa Product Information
* Most UK locations are catered for with Free Delivery.
* Buy in confidence from Amazon UK
The revolutionary Splashstoppa is aimed at the trade user that recognises that the cleaning of a cement mixer is a messy and time consuming task…
The whole process of cleaning the drum of a cement or concrete mixer can be made more pleasant, faster, as well as safer with the purchase of this polymer manufactured lid…
The Splashstoppa can be purchased at amongst the cheapest price you will find anywhere in the UK from Amazon.
Enjoy a fast, free delivery service to most mainland UK addresses and locations including
Batley, Birmingham, Bradford, Castleford, Coventry, Derby, Doncaster, Leeds, London, Manchester, Mansfield, Nottingham, Preston, Rotherham, Sheffield, and other areas…