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Leaf Blowers for Smaller Gardens
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Garden Blower Buying Tips

Deciding on which garden leaf blower to buy can often be tricky, especially with how many you will find available for sale.

Garden blowers and also garden vacs come in a multitude of variations including models that are electric powered, petrol engined, and also a good choice of cordless leaf blowers can be bought too. Different makes, models, and specifications can all vary and so can their sale prices, hence it makes good practice to do a little research before choosing which garden leaf blower or leaf vacuum is right for you, and of course right for your own garden or maybe some other needs.  

A few tips and things to consider before making your purchase are:

How to choose best leaf blowers and garden vacs

Flymo Electric Leaf Blower Vac

If the garden at your home is small in-size there is no point in spending a large amount of money on a large sized or a petrol engined garden vac or blower. For smaller gardens we would recommend a standard sized electric leaf blower. Not only are these cheaper than a petrol version but they are less cumbersome and lighter in-weight too. If your garden is small it shouldn’t be an issue being too far away from the power source (a standard electric socket) as well, but if need be you could use a mains extension cable.

Garden Leaf Blowers for Medium Sized Gardens

If you have a medium sized garden you will need to weigh up the pros and cons when it comes to buying one of these products as to which is the right leaf blower of garden vac for you. If you can comfortably use a trailing mains cable with an electric leaf vacuum or blower then that is what would be best. For most home owners with small to medium sized gardens they just don’t want the job of having to use a petrol engined machine as it would be totally overkill for this type of environment.

It is also worth remembering that modern electric powered blowers still offer and provide a great deal of power.

Suitable for the Larger Garden

Large gardens, estates, farms, and commercial properties will all need a model of machine that is engine driven - usually by way of a compact sized petrol engine (such as those manufactured by Makita, McCulloch, Ryobi, and Stihl).

What really makes a petrol engined version more suitable for larger gardens is the fact they are not restricted in-range by way of not having the need to use a trailing mains (electric) cable. Unlike electric versions, petrol garden leaf blowers do require occasional maintenance, typically a service once per year should be ok. As with electric models the larger the blowing output speed the more efficient the leaf blower will be, especially on wet leaves like we experience annually at Autumn time.

Garden Leaf Blower

Buying a garden leaf blower helps you to clear fallen leaves, small twigs, grass cuttings, and general debris from lawns, drives, paths, car parks and any other areas that you need to keep leaf free. One of these gardening tools is used by way of blowing fallen leaves into a chosen space in your garden, ready for collecting and disposing of. If you choose to buy a garden vac, these will not only blow but will also vacuum-up your pile of leaves as well. Garden vacs are fitted with useful leaf collection bags that allow you to work efficiently in your garden for quite prolonged periods of time. For comfort this latter type of machine is usually also supplied with a carrying strap depending on the exact model you choose and buy.

Black and Decker Garden Leaf Blower Handy Garden Leaf Blower Stihl Electric Leaf Blower Einhell Electric Garden Leaf Blower Vac Ryobi RBL30 Petrol Garden Leaf Blower Vac

It is really easy to purchase and save money on electric and petrol garden leaf blowers. As well as buying locally you can order and buy from online sellers, shops, and low priced outlets that promote the sale of garden vacs and blowing machines. Examples of brands to choose from are Black and Decker, Bosch, Draper, Einhell, the great low priced models from Handy, trade units from Makita and Stihl, and the popular Ryobi models such as the RBV26 and RBL30. We hope this article will help you buy the best machine for you.

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