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Coronavirus Protection - Do N95 Masks Work?

Should I Wear A Face Mask During The Outbreak Of The Covid-19 Virus ?

As the Coronavirus carries on spreading around the World and in particular throughout the USA, UK, China, France, Italy, Spain, and all of Europe, a lot of people have taken to wearing face masks.

With conflicting advice and information being given out this has lead to some particular questions being asked including:

N95 Mask - Coronavirus Face Mask UK, USA, France, China, Buy N95 Facemasks UK

A lot of the current confusion about whether wearing a face mask is to be advised or can protect you from the risk of infection against Coronavirus exists because so little is known about the Covid-19 disease.

There is also a fair amount of confusion on the use of standard surgical masks vs N95 masks.

At the time of writing this article - post though it is a well publicised fact that most health workers in a lot of countries are being issued with specifically N95 face masks as opposed to other types.  

What is a N95 mask?

A N95 Mask (which is also often referred to as being as N95 respirator) is an item of personal protective equipment (PPE) which is worn to protect the user from the inhalation of airborne particles and from liquid droplets that could cause contamination to the face.

This type of facemask can block and filter very small particles that are in the air, such as is common when people cough, sneeze, or during certain medical procedures.

It is worth noting that at this time, the full level of protection that is offered against Coronavirus by wearing a facemask that is of N95 specification is not fully known, but in the USA in particular it is the grade of protective mask that is being specified to be used by the relevant authorities.    

About N95 facemasks and respirators?

The majority of N95 facemasks are manufactured and sold for use in the construction, manufacturing, and engineering industries, including industries and workplaces that carry out joinery work, metalworking, fabrication, coatings and paint spraying, and also installation, decoration and remedial works. They are marketed and sold to protect predominantly workers from dust and small particles that are airborne.

With the Covid 19 pandemic this specification of mask has also become the respirator of choice when used in a health care setting, being worn by both patients as well as health care personnel to protect against the transfer of micro-organisms, body fluids (including especially virus droplets when patients cough, breath, and sneeze) and general particulate materials.

Most N95 masks are intended for single use, being disposable after the job in-hand has been completed.

N95 Mask Instock - UK

N95 Masks and Respirators are manufactured by countless different companies and manufacturers.

The appearance, style, and size can vary from one manufacturer to another.

Some of these PPE masks also feature a one-way air valve for comfort too.

N95 face masks for sale

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak it is no surprise that this item of PPE is very much in demand now, throughout all of the World and urgently in locations and cities where they are classed as being a hotspot.

As well as being in-demand by professional carers and essential health workers this specification of face mask is also being purchased by members of the general public who wish to choose to wear a face mask in the event that it can give them extra protection over and above all of the other advice and recommendations that have been publicised.

Within the USA and UK this important advice includes for everyone to carry out the regular washing of hands and of course follow the really important social distancing instructions where issued.

As a lot of typical “highstreet” shops, builders merchants, DIY outlets, and medical equipment distributors and stockists are struggling to keep pace with the massive demand that has been created for these facemasks, it is no secret that a lot of consumers are searching to buy them online.

Popular search entries include where to buy n95 mask? where to buy n95 masks online? And also specific local geographic search entries such as where to buy n95 in London, New York, Japan, and Australia?

No doubt in the UK this is being repeated down to a local city level with people searching for “near me” stockists and outlets in places such as Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Preston, Sheffield, Southampton, and many more places.   

Online shops are currently the best place to buy N95 facemasks!

At the time of writing this article we feel that due to the Worldwide shortage of PPE the current best place to buy facemasks and respirators (of any specification) is from an online shop.

The selling price of all face masks as well as protective gloves has increased a fair amount of what it was prior to the virus pandemic.

You can check out what items are available and the latest prices of some N95 mask here.   

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Some of the most well known brands and manufacturer names associated with face mask and face protection ppe include those of 3M, Honeywell, Alpha Protech, Teleflex, Moldex-Metric, Silverline, Arco, and JSP