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Floor Grinders Hire
The electric powered floor grinder machine for hire is a multi-purpose concrete floor preparation machine. One of these floor grinder machines can be fitted with a choice of consumable attachments to allow you to carry out the cleaning of concrete and stone floors by using heavy duty wire brushes. Its main purpose though is to carry-out the grinding of stone and concrete floors to remove imperfections and to give a smoother finish.
To carry this application out the machine is fitted with a choice of carborundum grinding blocks or heavy duty diamond tipped discs.  
This item of equipment is commonly used in factories, warehouses, garages, fabrication shops, and engineering workshops.
We are conveniently situated in the South Yorkshire City of Sheffield, our tool hire shop is close to the M1 and A1 UK motorway network, therefore if you are searching or looking online for floor grinder machine hire in Sheffield, or possibly in Bakewell, Buxton, Chesterfield, Dinnington, Doncaster, Dronfield, Mansfield, Rotherham, or Worksop, Tedbar Tinker Hire are suitably located to provide you with the speedy hire of one of these items of floor preparation equipment.
With experience in the specialist lifting products hire industry spanning over 25 years, we have customers both within the inner industrial areas as well as on the outskirts of Sheffield. In addition we provide regular lifting gantry hire to businesses, contractors, and all trade users in all commercial and industrial locations in Sheffield including Abbeydale, Attercliffe, Brightside, the Carlisle Street areas, Darnall, Hillsborough, Holbrook Industrial Estate, Orgeave, and many more.

Builders, Civil Engineers, Landscapers, Equipment Installation Customers
With the City of Sheffield having a wide range of building contractors, civil engineering companies, and related trades, it is no wonder that these types of clients have a regular need for the temporary hire of a electric DFG400 floor grinding machine.
Tedbar Tinker Hire is a leading supplier of a wide range of construction and floor care equipment and tools, and are the main supplier in South Yorkshire for the rental of products catering for the specific needs of these clients. Quality comes standard with all the powered equipment and tools supplied by us including fully certified equipment that is maintained to the highest of standards, every item of construction equipment, floor preparation machine, or power tool is inspected and serviced accordingly after each individual customers hire period has been completed.



Tedbar Tinker Hire

96 Holywell Road

Sheffield S4 8AS

Tel: (0114) 2444238

Depending on the exact job that you need to carry out you can rent a floor grinding machine in Sheffield with a choice of affordable attachments.
Diamond Disc: used for the heavy duty surface grinding and keying of concrete floors
Carborundum Blocks: used for the general grinding and smoothing-out of imperfections, ridges and marks
Wire Brush Blocks: used for the cleaning of soiled and stained stone and concrete floors
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Attachments for the floor grinder machine


Tedbar Tinker Hire is your local supplier for the hire / rental of electric floor grinding machines in Sheffield as well as the nearby areas in and around Bakewell, Buxton, Chesterfield, Dinnington, Doncaster, Dronfield, Hathersage, Hope, Rotherham, Staveley, Steetley, and Worksop.


Business user, Contractor, Yorkshire based company? We invite you to open a trade payment account with us (subject to status) to let you enjoy a fast equipment hire service as well as trade rates on our complete range of equipment, products and, power tools that we provide.
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Tedbar Tinker Hire - 96 Holywell Road - Sheffield S4 8AS
Telephone: (0114) 2444238

We also supply Concrete Floor Planer machines and scabbling tools for the keying and planing of concrete floor areas

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