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Garden Leaf Blowers
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Available at competitive prices are a comprehensive range of garden leaf blowers suitable for domestic (home) or professional use.    
What does a garden leaf blower do?
Product description
A garden leaf blower is a portable gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle at very high speeds to move and shift garden debris such as fallen leaves, twigs, small branches, and other garden rubbish. Primarily this tool is used for blowing leafs into an area in the garden where they can be collected for disposal. Most items of this type are referred to as a leaf blowers. Over the years this type of tool has evolved into many different variations including machines that not only blow - but which can also collect by way of vacuuming. High specification garden leaf vacuums also may include a shredder blade, this allows the machine to not only blow and vacuum, but also shred the leaves as well.
Cordless, electric, or petrol engined? Which type of one of these gardening tools should you buy?
This all depends on the scope of work this gardening tool is to be put to use on as well as your individual requirements and budget. For most homeowners who may use this item of equipment just a few times each year (mostly in spring and autumn) a rechargeable battery operated or an electric model may suffice. For owners of large property and professional users there is no substitute to a petrol engined garden leaf blower.  
If your budget is tight and you are after buying the cheapest leaf blower available, you will be looking at the low priced electric blowers that are commonly for sale. These can be found under the brand names of Black and Decker, Draper, Flymo, Einhell, Handy, and Ryobi to name a few. For occasional use these leaf blowers are fine and the only restriction in use is the fact that they have a mains supply cable with them being electrically powered. A trailing mains cable can be a hindrance in the garden - especially if your lawn is of a considerable size. Electric powered garden leaf blowers also are not recommended for use in damp or wet conditions. When it comes to higher priced units you will have two other areas you can choose from; either opt for a budget priced petrol blower designed for domestic (home) use, or a higher price point brand and model for regular or trade use.
To help you choose (and if you have more than a small budget available) you should weigh up how often you will use the tool for as well as how long a service life you wish to obtain from it. This can steer you in the right direction as to the recommended and which garden leaf blower to buy? A budget priced petrol model will free you up from trailing mains cables but at the same time will be built to the price point you pay? A medium to high price point petrol unit will usually be more robust, more pleasant to use for long periods of time, and will offer a higher level of leaf blowing performance. Top end brands such as those sold under the Honda, Kawasaki, Makita, and Stihl brands will also offer a greater level of aftersales care which may be important to the professional user when it comes to garden equipment servicing requirements and the supply of general spare parts.
Examples of popular brands of different garden leaf blowers:  

Black and Decker     Bosch     Challenge     Draper     Echo     Einhell     Flymo     Handy     Husqvarna     Qualcast
Makita     McCulloch     Ryobi     Sanli     Stihl     Toro     Warrior

Where to buy from?
You will find there are countless UK agents and dealers where you can go to for the purchase of a garden leaf blower.
In this site we list and feature several UK suppliers that offer low competitive prices on a wide range of different makes and models. Most offer convenient purchasing by way of their online shops. Buying in particular an electric powered garden leaf blower is easy and fast in this way. If however you want to buy a petrol model you can choose between buying online or if you prefer to see the machine “in the flesh” instead - you can visit a local garden machinery outlet dealer instead.
Can all makes be bought online?
Certain makes of garden leaf blowers can only be sold in the UK in a “bricks and mortar” type shop. This is because of restrictions the manufacture imposes on the dealer. With petrol equipment - if you are unfamiliar with the type of machine you are considering buying it does make sense though to obtain the professional advice and help that an agent can offer you above what you will receive from an internet seller.
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