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Local Garden Maintenance And Lawncare Services

Find garden maintenance and lawncare services here!
If you are looking for a local contractor to undertake commercial or domestic garden maintenance you have come to the right directory website.

We list small, medium, and large sized companies within the UK that can carry out a comprehensive range of garden services. Whether you need a regular grass cutting service for a small lawn at your domestic property or grounds maintenance for offices, flats, housing associations, factory units, churches, schools, or hospitals, you can find a local garden maintenance contractor here...


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Find service providers located across the UK in all major cities and towns including:

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What services can a garden maintenance contractor provide?

                                                 * The general tidying up of gardens
                                                 * Regular grass cutting and lawn mowing
                                                 * Hedge cutting
                                                 * Hedge trimming
                                                 * Border tidying up and planting
                                                 * Leaf clearance
                                                 * Lawn weeding and weed treatments
                                                 * Lawn aeration and scarifying


Domestic Garden Maintenance

Do you need help in keeping your garden tidy? Are you too busy with looking after the children?
Is all your free time spent on cleaning and maintaining your home?
Are you too busy because of work commitments?   

If the answer to these questions is yes;

Consider hiring the services of a local business that provides affordable garden maintenance services?

Low Costs

The actual cost to hire a local person or company to undertake domestic garden maintenance can work out to be just a few pounds (GBP) per day! Small gardens that contain a lawn will probably only need one visit per week to carry our basic grass cutting, edge strimming of the lawn, and if required - a small amount of tidying up.

Garden overgrown?

Most small garden maintenance businesses are happy to carry out one-off jobs when it comes to domestic garden services. If your garden has become overgrown through to lack of gardening and maintenance consider using the help of a local gardener / garden maintenance company to get it in shape.

Lawn not looking its best?   

If the lawn or other grassed areas in your garden are not looking their best why not enlist the help of a lawn care specialist?

Just mowing your lawn is not enough to keep it looking good. Pests, weeds, and other problems will require dedicated treatments. A lawn care specialist can carry out a comprehensive range of treatments including; application of special fertilisers, hollow tine aeration, scarification and thatch removal, and pest and disease treatment application. One of the most beneficial treatments a lawn care specialist can provide is that of weed control. Various types of lawn weed killers can be used depending on the individual lawn problem.

Hedge Cutting  

An essential part of domestic garden maintenance is the job of hedge cutting. If the hedges and shrubbery in your home garden have become overgrown then consider using the help of a local contractor that can carry out this service for you.

Hedge Trimming   

Whereas hedge cutting is the actual “cutting back” of the excess growth of a hedge (or reducing it to a required size), hedge cutting is the task of maintaining a hedge to it’s required shape and size, in other words keeping it looking as it should!  

Although time consuming (and with a considerable amount of tidying up needed afterwards) this is a service which most domestic garden maintenance companies can carry out for you. The gardener will most likely use a petrol hedge trimmer to carry out this task with a long reach pole type trimmer for hedges that are over a certain size in height.

Grass Cutting Service

This is perhaps the most demanded service from a domestic garden maintenance service provider. For a lawn in your garden to look its best it will require regular grass cutting throughout the UK gardening seasons. Regular mowing will promote new growth as well as keep most weeds at bay. Most businesses that cater for domestic garden maintenance offer a regular grass cutting service to suit your particular garden as well as taking your budget into account.

In the spring and summer months most UK gardens will require their lawns mowing at least once every 7 to 10 days. If regular rain drops this could increase the mowing frequency to once every week as a minimum to keep the grassed areas looking neat and tidy.

If you are not a keen gardener one of the jobs in the garden that most home owners dislike is that of cleaning up the grass clippings and cuttings. If you would prefer to avoid having to use a lawnmower by using the help of a local domestic garden maintenance service person or company you can avoid this and carry on with your leisure interests or other business which is more valuable to you.

Leaf Collection

Typically in Autumn in the UK most trees start to lose their leaves heavily. Leafs and general tree debris on the ground can look both unsightly as well as be harmful to your lawns. After the tree leaves have fallen it is important to have them collected and disposed of promptly. This service can be carried out by the use of a local company or individual that provides leaf collection and removal. Most contractors will use a petrol engined leaf blower vacuum machine to carry this out.  



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