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If you own a petrol lawn mower it is especially important that you regularly service your lawnmower before the spring UK cutting season begins.

Book your lawn mower in for Maintenance, Servicing or any necessary Repair into a local service centre so you can get a good start to the UK mowing and grass cutting season.

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                                                 * Enjoy face to face customer service
                                                 * Obtain free advice / recommendations on using your garden machinery
                                                 * Any urgently needed spare parts or service kits can be bought straight away

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Lawnmower General Maintenance Tips For Petrol Engined Lawn Mowers

The maintenance of the engine fitted to your lawnmower is essential to keep your machine as well as the lawn in your garden in good shape.

In addition, with regards to safety in the home or workplace it is essential that the working (the moving) parts on your mower are all in good order with no excessive wear and tear.   

Engine Service

One of the “must do’s” as regards maintenance and service on a petrol lawn mowing machine is to always use the fuel (petrol grade) and oil that is recommended by the engine manufacturer.

The oil must also be changed at the recommended service intervals to give the engine the longest possible service life as well as provide reliability.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of running and starting problems can be avoided if the engine has the recommended oil service as well as “fresh” fuel to allow the engine to run properly. These are points that your local lawnmower repair agent will address as a priority if you decide to assign the work to them.  

Basic Engine And Chassis Service Tips

1) Check the oil level on the dip stick or oil sight before each use and top up if needed.

Keep your fuel fresh. Modern unleaded petrol usually goes stale if stored for more than approximately 3 to 4 months. This will make your mower difficult to start leading to general running and performance problems.

To extend the life of stored petrol always store it in a sealed fuel can that is kept in a cool and dry place. To prolong the “life” of stored fuel you can add a fuel conditioner (available from your dealer).

Avoid using old metal oil cans to store petrol in as these can corrode on the inside and cause carburettor blockage in due course.

2) If you need to access the underside of the lawnmowers chassis or cutter deck for inspection or cleaning always lift the mower up from the front or rear so that the spark plug points upwards. Never turn the mower on its side even for short periods as this will allow fuel from the carburettor and / or possible leakage of oil from the sump to flow into the air filter or the exhaust silencer. This will cause difficult starting and / or excessive smoking. It can also soil and cause contamination of the engines air filter element.

3) Keep your engines spark plug clean, correctly gapped, and check your air filter regularly.

Sponge air filter elements may be washed in a cleaning detergent (check with your dealer). This can be, by way of using paraffin or an off the shelf commercial air filter cleaner. Paper type air filter elements cannot be washed and must be replaced when dirty or soiled with oil or fuel.

4) Regularly check the fitting and security of all nuts, bolts, and retaining fixings.

This applies to fasteners that are on the engine, the mowers handles, cables, the chassis and especially components that secure the mowers cutter blade. Do not use the the mower if any bolts or screws are missing until they can be replaced.

5) If the wheels become loose or broken.

The safe operation and cutting performance of your petrol lawnmower relies on the wheels (and roller if fitted) being in a good condition and working order. If any are worn or damaged these will require service attention before you continue the machines use.  

6) Operation of a self drive - self propelled mowers.

You need to regularly remove the drive belt cover to clear any accumulated debris or grass and check the condition of the drive belt. If the belt is perished or shows any sign of wear it should be replaced with a new part. Check also the tension of the belt and it’s adjuster cable.

7) Cutter blade.

It is recommended you replace or sharpen the cutter blade on your lawn mower at least once every 12 months. This is a service option that your local lawnmower repair centre can undertake for you. If the cutting blades has struck a hard object such as a patio stone or slab it could be bent or twisted also causing excessive vibration as well as reducing it’s cutting performance and capability.  

An out of balance blade can also make a petrol hover type mower dangerous to use as well as the possibility of spoiling your lawn.  

8) Cleaning your lawn mower.

It is good practice to keep on top of the cleanliness of your items of garden machinery. The underside of the mower (the cutter deck or blade housing) preferably should be cleaned after each outing but certainly before the mower is stored away for any long period of time. The most attention should be given in readiness for mower storage for the winter period. If grass is left attached to the underside of the mower the metal (if constructed of metal) chassis can rot creating expensive damage.

A petrol mower can be cleaned in several ways by using either a manual method or with the help of an item of powered machinery.

Basic tools that can be used are stiff brushes, scrapers, and cloths, or if available a pressure washer.

Once all the old grass, soil, and general debris have been removed the mower should receive a coat of polish or wax as well as application of a protective type oil spray to prevent corrosion taking hold.

9) Storing a petrol mower.

One of the first service jobs needed is to drain the fuel from the machines petrol tank. If your engine has a carburettor with a float bowl this may also be drained off or the engine run with the tank empty to burn  off any remaining fuel.

This can also be the appropriate time to carry out a
lawnmower winter service.

One point on a winter service that is often missed by the keen home gardener is to check the condition of the engine oil. A winter service carried out by your local lawnmower repair agent should include this. The condition as well as level (and type) of the oil will be checked, and changed where needed.

A petrol powered mower should be stored in a horizontal position where it is free from elements that could damage it. The ideal locations are of course in a garden shed or outbuilding or in a secure garage.

It needs to be stored somewhere that is dry and protected from the cold and wind as well as being safe from the risk of theft. You could also consider added protection by way of using a simple to operate security alarm as well as a strong security chain with a good padlock.

11) The start of the new gardening season.

Next to an annual winter service this is the best time to completely check the whole of the machine in readiness for the gardening months ahead. With regards the engine check and top up if needed the oil level and refill the fuel tank with freshly bought petrol.

Check the starting performance and operation of the mowers engine as well as it’s controls and fittings. Check the mowers throttle, choke operation, and engine start stop feature. Inspect the cables, grass box mounting and also the cutter blade - if any are not in good order replace them from your local dealer.  

Important Note:

Most home gardeners as well as professional users such as landscapers and grounds maintenance staff prefer to just get on and carry out their maintenance and lawn mowing. A large quantity of the work described above may be beyond the capabilities of the average owner or they may just prefer to appoint an expert to carry out the work for them. If you like gardening why spend your valuable leisure time fixing a broken grass cutter?  

Your local dealer will be happy to carry out regular servicing, maintenance, and cleaning for you. Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your garden machinery, have your mower serviced annually at the end of the gardening season in readiness for winter storage, also consider a regular scheduled service in for the start of the Spring gardening time.

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