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Xboxone Replacement Drive Belt

Buy a replacement DVD DRIVE TRAY BELT for the Microsoft XBOX ONE

This part is for what is alternatively known as the disc tray eject belt. It is the toothed drive-belt that fits inside the original DG-6M1S blue ray laser drive that is fitted to the Microsoft Xboxone Games Console.

The belt has teeth on it that meshes with the white coloured cogs that drives the disc eject mechanism parts inside the consoles disc drive.

This replacement part is what is needed to repair your broken / faulty xboxone if the game disc is stuck inside the unit and will not eject out.   

Buy replacement Xboxone Drive Belt

If your Xboxone console won’t eject the disc and makes a grinding noise as you press the eject button - this is an indication that there is a fault / problem with the drive parts on the disc tray of the DG-6M1S blu-ray drive.

If on inspection of the drive all looks well, the problem is usually because of a broken or stretched rubber drive belt. To fix this fault the solution is to buy a new replacement xbox one belt and fit it over the 2 small white coloured drive cogs that are within the drive unit.

Experience has shown that only a new Microsoft part will fix this problem. The best way to buy one of these xbox replacement parts is from an online outlet that specialises in selling Xbox one parts.

As with buying all electronic components and parts we recommend that before you buy you check that the part is available and instock before completely stripping your games console down to it’s chassis level.    

Xboxone Drive Parts UK

Xboxone Optical Drive

Part Number: DG-61MS

Xboxone Drive Belt

This image shows the genuine xboxone drive belt part that is fitted to this Microsoft console.

The optical drive unit uses this belt with teeth on to move the game disc in and out of the consoles drive unit.

A replacement new part is the only solution if the original / genuine part has stretched or snapped.  

This image shows the genuine Microsoft DG61M1S drive unit that is fitted to the xbox one games console.

Most of the consoles sold in the UK (as well as Worldwide) have this part fitted.

How to strip down for repair an Xboxone Games Console

This short video should help you with the strip-down and repair of your Microsoft Xbox One console.

If you are considering repairing the unit yourself you will see that it is quite straight forward as long as you take your time and carry out the job in a planned step-by-step way.

The video shows how to open the casing up and access the internal parts including the cd drive and laser drive unit, along with the circuit board and other components and parts.  

Replacement Parts for Xbox Games Consoles

New replacement parts for games consoles can sometimes be difficult to find and buy, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to spend hours and hours searching the internet using Google for something as simple as a new drive unit, controller board, or a rubber drive belt.

Regardless of where you live in the UK (maybe in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newbury, Sheffield or perhaps one of the smaller UK cities or towns) the easiest way to buy a replacement genuine part is online or possibly by mail order.

The same goes if you live outside the UK (maybe in Spain, France or the US) - we recommend you buy online from a web based parts stockist that specialises in selling Microsoft Xbox parts.   

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