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50 Green Lane, Kelham Island, Sheffield S3 8AY

Telephone: 0114 2730095

One of the Best Bars in Kelham Island, …if not the No 1 Bar

Kelham Island Bars, Pubs, and Grill Restaurants are some of the best that you can find anywhere in the UK.

If you are local to Sheffield or are visiting the City on a short break, to see an event, or just to explore what this South Yorkshire City has to offer… It is well worth taking some time-out and explore the Kelham Island area.

A lot of people that socialise, entertain, or are visiting Kelham Island for the first time, ask the question of where to drink in Kelham Island? Another popular question is where to go here? Both to drink, eat, do both, or sight see.

Some of the Best Pubs in Sheffieldand also the whole of the UK

Without a doubt if you are a fan of ales, beers, fine gins and wines, prosecco or spirits, if you stroll around Kelham Island in Sheffield you will soon see that it is a location where there are some of the best pubs in the UK. This district is expanding all the time with new cafes, bars, grills, and all types of restaurants popping-up, much to meet the demand of the thousands of visitors that visit here for a drinks crawl or relaxing and socialising each week.  

Bar Kelham Sheffield Kelham Island Pub

Bar Kelham

… the perfect place to visit when it comes to Kelham Island Pubs and Eateries

About Us

Located in the popular and up and coming area of Kelham Island, that is just outside Sheffield’s City Centre, Bar Kelham is the perfect place to go to for indulging in drink and food.

This bar is decorated in a modern contemporary design and is a great place to visit whether you fancy a few drinks of Beer, quality Lagers, nicely chilled Guinness, a Gin & Tonic, bottle or glass of Bubbly (Champagne or Prosecco), red, rose, or white Wine, or even a freshly brewed cup of Coffee or drink of Tea…

Bar Kelham

Not Just Drinks

At Bar Kelham, we’re not a Kelham Island Brewery, but we do class ourselves as one of the best Kelham Island Bars and Grills in this location.

As far as food goes, if your the type of person that is looking where to eat out at one of the several Kelham Island Restaurants, we invite you to visit us and view our latest menu of quality cooked meals and nibbles…

We are open 7 days a week:    9.00 am - 11.00 pm

Recommended Pub In Kelham Island


You can find us on on Green Lane, Sheffield S3 8AY

We are within a short walk from the famous Kelham Island Museum, the Island Brewery, and the much-visited Fat Cat Real Ale Pub.

The whole area of Kelham Island is within easy reach of Sheffield’s City Centre as well as the Meadowhall Shopping Centre.  

• eat • drink • be happy •

| Bar Kelham | 50 Green Ln,  Sheffield S3 8AY | Tel: 0114 2730095 |

The first choice for all Kelham Island Pubs and Bars