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50 Green Lane, Kelham Island, Sheffield S3 8BB

Telephone: 0114 2730095

Pubs that sell Guinness in Kelham Island

Best Guinness in Kelham Island, Sheffield         Where to drink the Black Stuff!

It’s a myth that outside Ireland it’s hard to find and drink a really good pint of Guinness! Or even a Guinness and Black if that is one of your favourite tipples!

Anyone that is into drinking fine ales, beers, and this famous Irish Stout, knows that there's lots of conditions and environments that are necessary to be able to serve-up a perfect drink of cold Guinness.

The storage temperature has a lot to do with it as well as the pressure and cleanliness of the lines from the barrel to the tap, so it’s important to get all of this bar and pub science just right for serving and selling this particular drink.  

The same principals goes for Bars and Pubs that sell Guinness in cans. The storage environment being the key factor here to keep the drink at the optimum temperature prior to serving it. For the best drink of Guinness from a can it’s essential to have a Guinness Surger Machine behind the bar. This creates the lovely creamy head on the drink by way of sending ultrasonic waves up through the beer when it is switched on, just what stout lovers want…

That’s enough of the pub science though…       So, which bars in Kelham Island sell Guinness?

Pubs That Sell Guinness In Kelham Island Kelham Island Pub

Bar Kelham

… the perfect place to visit when it comes to Kelham Island Bars and Eateries

About Us

Located in the popular and up and coming area of Kelham Island, that is just outside Sheffield’s City Centre, Bar Kelham is the perfect place to go to for indulging in drink and food.

We serve and sell Guinness…

If real ale or beer isn’t your drink of choice, and the same goes for a Gin & Tonic or a glass of Prosecco or even a flavoured Cider, you will be happy to know that we stock and sell Guinness!

Bar Kelham - Kelham Island Bar

You can eat here too

At Bar Kelham, we’re not a Kelham Island Brewery, but we do class ourselves as being one of the best bars and eateries in this location.

As far as food goes, if your looking where to eat out at one of the several Kelham Island Restaurants or Cafe Bars, we invite you to visit us and view our latest menu of Kelham kitchen quality cooked meals and nibbles…

We are open 7 days a week:    9.00 am - 11.00 pm

Recommended Pub In Kelham Island


You can find us on on Green Lane, Sheffield S3 8BB

We are within a short walk from the famous Kelham Island Museum, the Milestone Restaurant, and the much-visited Fat Cat Real Ale Pub.

Other local Kelham Island Bars are the Stew & Oyster and Kelham Kitchen & Wine Bar.   

• eat • drink • be happy •

| Bar Kelham | 50 Green Lane | Sheffield | S3 8BB | Tel: 0114 2730095 |

Guinness Stockist In Sheffield

Available from:

Bar Kelham

Green Lane

Kelham Island, Sheffield

| Kelham Island is located on one of the old industrial areas of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It is home to many bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants | Bar Kelham, 50 Green Ln, Sheffield S3 8BB | Tel 0114 273 0095 |

Bar Kelham Location

We are located on the corner of Green Lane and Dun Fields, Kelham Island, Sheffield S3

As with some of the other places to visit in this area, we don’t just serve beer and stout.

We are the ideal place to visit if your looking for a Kelham Island Wine Bar, somewhere to grab a really nice Pizza, drinks that you can find in a quality bar or gastropub, and lots more