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Find Where To Hire A Car For Your Holiday In Akbuk, Turkey

If you are looking for information as to where to find car rental for your holiday in Akbuk you have come to the right place...

Choice Of Car Rental Companies

With the quiet and peaceful resort of Akbuk in Turkey (located close to Altinkum and Didum) it is no surprise that there is not a multitude of car hire companies located here. When it comes to finding a local Akbuk car rental operator you will be able to count them on just one hand. In past years you would of had to make do with just a single company, but due to increased demand from holiday makers and visitors to this location in Turkey you now have a choice of where to hire a car from.

Types Of Cars Available

Depending on your individual requirements and travel needs you can choose from a range of cars to hire from the local car rental operators. Most of the cars available are those that come under the FIAT Manufacturer brand name.

Although ranges available do vary from one operator to another the popular choices are:

Fiat Albea - a standard four (4) door saloon capable of a capacity of five (5) passengers

Fiat Bravo - an alternative four door car capable of carrying four / five passengers

Fiat Doblo - similar to a Citroen Berlingo or Peugeot car derived van. Ideal for shopping trips or visits to Ikea.

Fiat Grande Punto - a standard hatchback type car cable of carrying four / five people in comfort.

Fiat Punto - a smaller alternative to the Grande Punto.

Fiat Linea - a no frills saloon car. The Linea is usually one of the cheapest car hire options you will find locally in Akbuk.


Benefits For Using Akbuk Car Hire

Whilst on your holiday in Turkey; car hire gives you the freedom to go where you want - and on your own timescale. From your airport transfer (perhaps you are flying in to Bodrum or Izmir airport?) through to exploring the real Turkey, hiring a car lets you do your own thing and without having to relay on others for transportation.

Once you are used to it, driving in Akbuk and throughout Turkey is easy and straight forward. It is no different really from driving in most foreign countries including holiday locations such as Greece, France, or Spain. Common sense and general safety driver awareness is what is needed - as well as a road map.

Several benefits in choosing car rental for your holiday are:

          * Freedom to travel from the airport to your Akbuk Holiday Home on your own timescale
         * Freedom to travel to Akbuk on your preferred transfer route whether this is the mountain road or motorway
         * Save money on using the local Dolmus or village Taxi operator service
         * Go sight seeing and see the great surrounding areas, beaches, and countryside
         * Make shopping trips to the local supermarket easier - let the car carry your heavy groceries for you!
         * Visit the sights and places in Turkey that the tour operators don’t offer

Popular Uses By Holiday Makers That Choose Akbuk Car Rental

The use of a car whilst on holiday give you the freedom to travel and visit whatever area, attraction, or location that appeals to you. Some of the most popular attractions and locations visited by tourists that choose Akbuk Car Rental are: Akbuk Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants, the nearby Aqua Water Park in Didum, travel to and from the many Akbuk holiday apartments, essential visits to any of the Altinkum banks, beaches, and all types of shopping centres, travelling to the Didum market place, sight seeing at the the historical site of the Temple of Apollo, the ruins of Ephesus,  relaxing at Bafa Lake, travelling to the large tourist holiday resort of Kusadasi, visits to Samos and the Theatre at Priene. One really popular use that choosers of car rental undertake is that of visiting the many secluded beaches that this lovely area in Turkey offers. Some of the best beach and cove locations are often off the beaten track and can only be accessed by car or local taxi’s. With the use of a car you will also be able to visit some of the really hidden coastal attractions that normally only the local residents visit.

One such beach location is that of the nearby university beach. How many of Akbuk’s holiday makers knows it’s location, or is existence? This beautiful soft sandy beach is just a short drive away from Akbuk on the way to Altinkum / Didum. It is located opposite the local university where in addition there are two huge clear water swimming pools as well as a cafe bar.



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Thinking of visiting Akbuk or Didum Market? The use of a small car will let you travel on your own timescale as well as providing the ability to carry your shopping back easily to your Akbuk holiday apartment, holiday home, hotel, or villa. So many people can be seen struggling with bags or trolleys full of shopping after visiting the local market, if you are staying in a self catering apartment or villa for the duration of your holiday the use of a small car can make all the difference. With fresh fruit and vegetables being so readily available in Turkey it makes sense to stock up on these with a visit to your preferred market.

In Akbuk there are also several key shops in addition to the Friday Market. Akguller, Bim, Kipa, Migros; these are all shops which you will probably each visit at least once during your holiday stay. In addition to just picking up daily essential food items such as bread, eggs and milk, the use of Akbuk Car Rental will allow you to buy and take home bottled water, bottles of beer or wine, and other foodstuffs such as frozen food and perishable items.

Local Car Hire Costs

How much does it cost to hire a car in Akbuk, Turkey?

Although the car rental prices can vary from one operator to another, you will find most local businesses offer cheap car rental compared to the mainstream holiday locations.

When converting the Turkish Lira into Sterling English Pounds the usual daily rate starts from around the £20.00 (twenty pounds) mark for a small hatchback or saloon type vehicle at the time of writing.

This rate will fluctuate up and down depending on the actual size of car you choose, the duration of the rental period, as well as the time of year. In the peak summer Turkey holiday season the demand for cheap car hire escalates with demand outstripping the availability of cars. This is when you will pay the most for local car rental.

Are there any hidden charges to watch out for?  

As when booking any service with a local business or company (whether at home of abroad) you should ask for a breakdown of the charges that are being applied.

When it comes to car or van hire in Turkey ensure you fully understand the following possible charges:

        * Deposit - how much is it? what does it cover? is any element of the deposit non-refundable?
        * Insurance - how much does the insurance cost? what is covered? Is there an excess amount? Are tyres covered?
        * Fuel policy - should you return the vehicle with a full tank of diesel or petrol? What are the fuel refilling charges?
        * Local taxes - are there any tax payments to be paid on the overall charge?
        * Mileage charges - how many Km or Miles are covered with the basic hire agreement?
       * Collection and deliver charges - if you have arranged delivery to your holiday accommodation is there an extra charge?

CDW and Insurance

When choosing Akbuk Car Rental it is recommended you ensure you are covered to the fullest extent by suitable insurance. With roads in Turkey being of a sub standard compared to most European major countries you need to make sure you are protected against the risk of possible accidents and damage. In particular pay attention to the options open to you from your preferred car or van hire operator. First on the list is suitable insurance against possible damage or injury to a third parties vehicle or a third party themselves. Next is tyre and windscreen damage. If offered a cdw type cover should be taken. Personal injury should be covered to the highest level possible when choosing holiday car hire in Turkey.

Other Details   

Breakdown services.

This can vary from one rental company to another. In some cases it is non-existent, in others it is quite comprehensive. Prior to placing your order for car rental in any Turkish holiday resort it is recommended you determine what cover for breakdown is provided. You do not want to experience a breakdown or tyre puncture on that special day trip out!

Drivers age.

Most operators require drivers to be at least 21 years of age. Some operators also require the drivers licence to have been a full licence for a minimum of one years duration.

Minimum rental periods.

Most Akbuk Car Hire operators allow car rental periods from one day upwards. Some though stipulate a minimum of three (3) days - especially if you want a vehicle over a weekend day or part period.

General Information

It is advised that you are completely happy with all of the booking conditions and details prior to using car rental in Akbuk, Turkey. In addition to specialist operators that come highly recommended you may be offered cheap priced local car hire by other businesses that see this service as a way of making extra money.

It is not unusual for you to be offered this service by your holiday apartments accommodation office or a hotels reception desk. Some of the apartment complex owners have also started their “own” car hire business by way of investing in a few cars. It is recommended that if you are considering using one of these “operators” then you check and read carefully the booking and insurance details prior to driving their car. In a large number of cases these vehicles are not insured, have no back-up if you experience a breakdown - and worse still are poorly maintained! If everything checks out then proceed as seems fit, but if you have your doubts look elsewhere for recommended car hire rental in Akbuk         

Save on your holiday costs with affordable holiday car rental in Akbuk, Turkey