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Holiday Accommodation For Self Catering Holidays In Akbuk, Turkey

If you are looking for a holiday apartment to rent in Akbuk you have come to the right place...

This beautiful and quiet holiday resort is located on the Aegean coast close to the resort of Altinkum / Didum.

Rest and relaxation are two of the best features of the Turkish holiday resort of Akbuk. Here you can really take it easy and get away from the hectic lifestyles some of us live back in the UK. If what you need is a relaxing holiday then you’ll love what Akbuk has to offer with it’s quaint town / village centre, quiet uncrowded beaches, and the breathtaking coastal and mountain scenery that surrounds it.

If you have never been on holiday to Turkey before you are in for a real treat if you are looking for a quiet and un-commercialised holiday resort. Comparable to some similar holiday locations in Greece, you will find Akbuk is un-spoilt with much natural beauty for you to enjoy.

Self Catering Accommodation In Akbuk     

The majority of the accommodation in Akbuk is made up of self catering holiday apartments, studios and villas that can be rented for short to long term periods. If you are looking for a holiday apartment rental in Akbuk you can easily find a suitable self catering apartment to suit your individual needs. In particular you will find on this website accommodation and holiday apartments in Akbuk that are owned by English families who rent their accommodation out during spring, summer, and autumn periods.

Standards Of Accommodation:

You will find English owned holiday accommodation in this Aegean resort is of a high standard with varying levels depending on the size of the individual apartment and the complex site it is located on. Most of the self catering holiday accommodation in Akbuk have been built to a very high standard with some of the larger apartments being classed as luxury accommodation. In particular you will find the duplex style apartments are always in demand by English tourists because of their generous size and internal features.

Sizes Of Apartments:

Different sized apartments can be rented with the capability of usually sleeping up to a maximum of six (6) people. The majority of “standard” single floor units have two bedrooms allowing up to a capacity of four (4) guests. Larger units will have three (3) bedrooms usually with the bedrooms on separate floors. If you have a large family or greater than six guests in your party consider other suitable accommodation such as a holiday villa or detached house.

Two Bedroom Apartments:

English owned two bedroom self catering apartments are usually studio type accommodation featuring a single floor layout with a lounge/kitchenette area, a single bathroom, and two bedrooms. Most self catering apartments of this style will have a relatively spacious lounge area for relaxing in, a kitchen area for cooking and preparing meals, a bath room featuring a bath  and / or shower, toilet, and wash basin. The bedrooms each usually will sleep up to two people each in either a double or two single beds. With a few exceptions self catering holiday accommodation of this type will also benefit from a balcony or small patio area as well. Most two bedroom Akbuk Apartments will have partial or full air conditioning throughout the property.

Three Bedroom Apartments:

If you choose to rent an English owned three bedroom self catering apartment you will usually find the holiday accommodation is of a far greater size than the studio type two bedroom ones. It is common for this type of property in Turkey to be built in either a single floor or two floor style; the two floor style is what is referred to as a duplex unit.

In both cases the accommodation will usually comprise of a large spacious lounge, a separate kitchen, three individual bedrooms (sleeping up to a maximum of six people inclusive), at least one bathroom (containing a wash basin, bath and / or shower, and toilet), and a relaxation area that is usually a patio or veranda area. The best and more luxurious English owned holiday apartments are those that have been constructed in the duplex layout style. These luxury apartments normally have a much larger living area throughout as well as being more spacious having two floors within. A duplex holiday apartment
(such as those on the popular Yasmin Gardens complex) will normally have at least one bedroom on a floor separate from the others as well as a second bathroom or toilet.

Find a cheap price self catering holiday apartment to rent in Akbuk...

If you are looking online for a cheap self catering holiday to Turkey, consider staying in one of the affordable apartments based in the lovely quiet resort of Akbuk...

This resort is recommended by visitors of all ages that are looking for a low priced holiday along the Aegean coast.  If you are unsure what this Turkish resort offers take a look at some of the reviews that can be found on sites such as Tripadvisor.

This Aegean coastline resort that is a short commute from the busier resort of Altinkum has an ownership of many holiday apartments and villas by English people. Most owners tend to use their holiday homes for just a few weeks each year and at other times choose to offer their properties for holiday let. With most owners happy to cover just their monthly site overheads by offering their properties for letting's means you can enjoy a really nice but cheap priced holiday in Turkey.

Looking for accommodation in an alternative resort, perhaps Altinkum? View details on Altinkum Property Letting’s


Property Services:

Are you looking for contact details and information on Akbuk Property Services?

If you own a property in the resorts of Altinkum or Akbuk you will at some point need the help of a local tradesman to carry out essential maintenance and repairs to your property. This could be an electrician, a joiner, a plumber, a decorator and painter, or a specialist such as a local person or business that carries out air conditioning repairs, satellite TV installation, and services such as roof repairs.

General wear and tear as well as deterioration by the weather means that ongoing maintenance is required to keep your property at it’s best.

There are several local based tradespeople (including companies) that offer property maintenance services throughout Altinkum and Akbuk and which you can call upon to do the necessary work. In addition to building maintenance and repairs you can find individuals and companies that undertake cleaning and laundry services, key holding, apartment and villa inspections (including airing and checking on the utility services), and services such as the sale, supply, and fitment of blinds, curtains, and mosquito nets.

Other Local Companies provide additional services including airport transfers, a meet and greet service for guests renting your holiday home, and the supply of essential bottled gas and drinking water.

Altinkum Trade Services          Akbuk Trade Services

Cleaning Services:

If you own a holiday letting property in Altinkum, Akbuk, or Didum and need the provision of cleaning services you will find several options are open to you. The easiest route to getting your holiday apartment or villa cleaned is by way of using a local company or individual that can handle this for you.

Usually several different levels of cleaning services can be used. Typical ones are a spring, summer, autumn, or winter clean where the property is cleaned to suit the seasonal needs of holiday makers. Other services include a laundry clean of bed linen including any dirty or used bed sheets and pillow cases. Laundry of furniture throws and towels, and any other linen within the property.

If your property is unoccupied for several months of the year it is important to carry out in particular dusting of the whole apartment as well as it’s outside balcony or terraced areas. There is nothing worse to a visitor than the site of a dirty apartment at the start of their important holiday.

Areas that will require cleaning on an ongoing basis are:

* Cleaning of all bathrooms and toilets
* Cleaning of the kitchen area including cooker, hob, fridge, and microwave oven
* Dusting of all relevant surfaces
* Mopping of the outside balcony and any terrace areas
* Cleaning of the window frames and glass units, entry and exit doors
* Vacuuming of any carpets, mats, and rugs
* Disinfecting floor wand kitchen work surfaces
* Cleaning of all bedrooms including making beds up for guests

In addition to this it is beneficial to also ensure the filters in any air conditioner units are cleaned as well, it is surprising just how much dust and dirt these can contain when they are removed each season.

Altinkum Cleaning Services        Akbuk Cleaning Services

Key Holding Services:

Do you own or manage holiday accommodation in Altinkum or Akbuk? Do you need help by the way of a company or local business that can handle key holding for you?

You can appoint a local company or individual to handle key holding service, carry out the airing and checking of your property, and if needed arrange for any rectification work that is necessary.

Property keys (and security alarm codes if fitted) are kept in safes giving you peace of mind whilst you are back in the UK.

Our local key holders will carry out building inspections in-line with your individual needs, View more details here.

Pool Cleaning Services

If you own or have an Akbuk Holiday Apartment on a long term letting you may be in the position where you have the luxury of a private swimming pool for your sole use. If so you will need to make sure it is regularly maintained and is cleaned on a diary schedule - especially during the peak holiday season of summer.


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The Yasmin Gardens Holiday apartment complex in Akbuk Turkey
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Sea Shells Holiday Apartment Complex In Akbuk Turkey Self Catering Holiday Apartment In Akbuk