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Find the latest weather forecast for the holiday resort of Akbuk In Turkey

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This small and quiet resort is based on the Aegean coastal area in Turkey close to Didum and Altinkum. Akbuk enjoys a wonderful climate receiving an average of around 300 sunny days per year. The summer holiday periods in this Turkish resort are made up of periods that are long, hot, and dry. A pleasing cool breeze though circulates off the sea and flows through the resort giving a cooling effect to holiday makers and tourists that have chosen Akbuk as their holiday location. With the resort being surrounded by hills and mountainside the cool breeze is a welcome visitor - especially during the hot July, August, and September months of the year. Winter periods in this location tend to be mild with temperatures hovering around the 10 degrees centigrade mark.

Latest Weather In Akbuk
Where Is The Resort Of Akbuk?

The holiday resort of Akbuk is located on the Aegean coastline in Turkey. It is approximately a one hour drive from Bodrum airport and around 20 minutes drive by car from the busier resort of Altinkum.

Didum is slightly closer by (approximately a 15 minute drive away) and as well as Altinkum is easily reached by local transport whether this is a Dolmus (the Turkish name for their local bus service), a private car hire vehicle or a tour operators transport.

Holiday Accommodation:

With the holiday resort of Akbuk receiving good weather nearly all year round it has become a favourite destination for holiday makers especially from England and Germany as well as Turkey.

A selection of different holiday accommodation is available that includes Akbuk self catering holiday apartments, privately owned houses, a couple of hotels, and also self contained villas.

Most self catering apartments are located on site complex’s in Akbuk with good overall facilities that usually include shared swimming pools. A few to mention are the Olive Gardens, Sea Shells, and the Yasmin Gardens complex.

With the resort being relatively small in size whatever location in the resort you choose to stay at you will only be a few minutes away from the village centre and the sea front.  

Things To Do In Akbuk:

In this lovely resort you can make your holiday as adventurous or as peaceful as you want. Because of the sunny weather conditions Akbuk is a place where you can simply relax by the pool all day reading a book, take a dip into the lovely Aegean sea on the edge of one of the resorts clean beaches, chill out in your accommodations swimming pool, or undertake local shopping or dining. You can also use this popular location as a base to explore Turkey further, perhaps by going on a trip to one of the many historical sites that Turkey has to offer.

Need to keep the kids entertained? In addition to them playing in the pool and sea why not take them to the nearby Didum Water Park? Entry fees are an affordable price especially if they make use of all the fun water slides and attractions the aqua park offers.

Dining Out:  

The resort of Akbuk in Turkey offers some great places to dine out at. The resort has a warm climate during spring and autumn and of course has a hot climate during the summer months. This makes dining out a pleasure especially during the evenings. The bulk of Akbuk restaurants can be found along the sea front, all are within easy reach of the towns main road as well as the connecting roads that fan out from the resort centre. Access to most of the restaurants can be either off the road or off the seafront promenade. If you are spending a day on one of Akbuks beaches perhaps swimming or sun bathing in the hot Turkish weather you will be easy in reach of a cafe or restaurant to dine and enjoy a drink in.

Keeping Cool And Comfortable:

The climate and weather conditions during the summer months can be really hot and dry in the resort of Akbuk. To keep cool you should shelter from the sun during the peak sun exposure times and make sure you drink plenty of hydrating fluids. Bottled water is freely available to buy in all cafes, restaurants, and convenience shops as well as a choice of soft and fruit drinks. Alcohol should be avoided unless taken in moderation - so the odd EFES should be fine!

Whilst in your accommodation you can be more comfortable if you have the option of using air conditioning, by setting the temperature around the 20 to 22 degrees mark on your air conditioners you should be able to keep relatively cool, especially during the night. Wearing loose cotton clothing will also help you to be comfortable during the hot summer months in Turkey, if you forget to pack these for your holiday you can always buy some in one of the local shops or at the popular Friday Akbuk Market. In the hot Akbuk weather you also need to avoid the possibility of getting sun burnt, a high factor sun cream is needed to ensure you are protected and comfortable whilst out and about.            



Olive Gardens self catering holiday apartment complex in Akbuk Turkey
Yasmin Gardens Apartment Complex In Akbuk Turkey
Yasmin Gardens apartment and villa complex in Akbuk Turkey
Sea Shells rental apartment complex with shared swimming pool in Akbuk Turkey
Enjoy the beautiful weather in the holiday resort of Akbuk in Turkey

Latest Weather Forecast Akbuk

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