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Find details and information on the Yasmin Gardens Complex in Akbuk

If you are looking for information as to accommodation, the facilities, and features within the Yasmin Gardens Apartments complex based in Akbuk in Turkey, you have come to the right place...

The Yasmin Gardens holiday complex is in a great peaceful spot just off the beaten track in Akbuk. Just several minutes walk from the coastal seafront this holiday complex is one which is peaceful and ideal for relaxation whilst enjoying your short or long break in Turkey. This popular development offers apartments, duplex luxury apartments, and stand alone villas in landscaped gardens with the addition of several swimming pools.

Whether you choose to buy or rent holiday accommodation here you will be able to enjoy a single or a combination of sea views, pool view, or mountain views. Most of the upper floor luxury duplex apartments have at least two if not three of these types of views from their balcony patios.

At the time of writing there are three main areas of this Akbuk Holiday Complex where you can choose to either buy a property or alternatively rent one. These complex areas are named; Olivia, Orkide, and Yakamoz. All three are popular areas within Yasmin Gardens and have their own unique feel. One of the best locations to rent a Yasmin Gardens Apartment is in the Olivia block of accommodation. At the side of the multi-tier swimming pool (actually it’s three pools that flow down into a fourth toddlers pool) the single and duplex apartments here have a great view overlooking the pool as well as the large open landscaped gardens. Some of the upper floor Olivia duplex holiday apartments also have additional views of the sea as well as the surrounding mountainside.

Other facilities on this holiday site include a pool side bar that serves cold and hot drinks as well as basic snacks and food. There is also a small convenience store that is open during the peak summer months for you to top up on bottled water, beverages, drinks, food, and convenience items. The Yasmin Gardens convenience shop is also the place to buy refill bottles of cylinder gas for use with your accommodations cooking hob and oven.

Build Quality Of Accommodation

Yasmin Gardens is made up of apartments and villas that are constructed to the highest of standards that can be found in Akbuk in Turkey. If you are considering whether to buy a holiday or second home here you will not be spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of equipment and fittings available.

Considering buying a holiday apartment or villa at Yasmin Gardens?

You have three choices when it comes to now buying an apartment or villa at this Akbuk complex:

1) Buy an apartment or villa from the complex developer
2) Buy an apartment or villa from one of the many individual property owners (or referred to as holiday residents)
3) Buy an apartment or your chosen villa from an estate (or could be named a property) agent

As the Akbuk Yasmin Gardens complex has had completed properties occupied by holiday makers for several years now you can easily find a suitable holiday apartment or villa on this site to buy. Sale prices can vary slightly depending on the fittings and furnishings within each property, especially the ones that have been owned by English and the occasional German owners. Apartments and villas owned by English and German owners are commonly fitted with very high quality furniture as well having a comprehensive kitchen area. In addition most also have partial if not full air conditioning throughout.

The duplex apartments and villas usually also have several bathrooms, it is common for there to be a downstairs toilet / bathroom as well as one on the upper floor. The villa and duplex apartments in Yasmin Gardens also have a generous sized lounge area which is an ideal room to relax in whether you want an escape from the hot sun to read a book or newspaper or possibly watch a TV programme or film.

Thinking Of Buying Property Here     

Buy direct from the owner:

When it comes to buying an apartment (or villa for that matter) within this Akbuk holiday location your cheapest option is to buy direct from the relevant apartments (or villa) owner itself. By buying the property in this way you can save thousands of pounds off the price that you would have to pay elsewhere. It is recommended that you still use a solicitor to handle the actual transaction, but save the costing’s off the profit margin which commercial sellers would want to make.  

Buy from the complex developer:

If you want to buy a “brand new” apartment or villa in Yasmin Gardens in Akbuk you will need to buy direct from the complex developer. Although this is a preferred option for many people buying a “place in the sun” it is worth remembering that the complex developer will be looking to make a profit on their property to sell - hence you will pay more than buying privately. All developers are also keen to sell their own properties which have yet to be built, these are referred to as property that is for sale “off plan”. If you choose to buy a property in the Yasmin Gardens complex in this way it is still recommended that you appoint a solicitor for the purchase of your new apartment or villa.

Buying from an estate or property agent:

You will find there are a number of local nearby estate and property agents that sell holiday accommodation including apartments, villas, houses, and studios that are for sale in the Akbuk area. Several are based in Akbuk as well as more that are located in offices in Didum and Altinkum. As with buying direct from the complex developer of Yasmin Gardens you will normally pay a higher purchase price than if buying a property direct from a “resident” owner. One point worth mentioning though is that if you want to consider accommodation other than in Yasmin Gardens, the use of one of the local estate agents can help you to find an alternative property. As with most property agents you will find that “they” will want you to buy the property that they are selling, as that is the way they make their money! Again as is recommended with buying any property in Turkey, make sure you appoint an English speaking solicitor to handle the buying process.  

How often do Yasmin Gardens apartments and villas come up for sale?

With families growing up and individual peoples circumstances changing all the time you it is not uncommon (as on most holiday accommodation complexes) for there to be one or more properties on this Akbuk complex up for sale at any one time. Although typical ownership length here seems to be for several years occupation by any one owner (resident), the complex has a large number of apartments on-site so availability of one type of holiday home or another should not be a problem. At the time of writing the duplex apartments tend to be less frequent in being found for sale, this is a good sign of their high build quality, spacious interiors, and their popularity. Standard two bedroom apartments can usually always be found for sale as is the case with the villa properties.    

View Holiday Apartments That Are For Sale
Prefer to rent an apartment or villa?

If you are looking to rent a standard or duplex apartment, or a villa in this holiday complex you have come to the right site! We feature accommodation to suit your needs as well as your budget!

Most holiday apartments here have several bedrooms with most having two (2) bedrooms suitable for up to four people being accommodated at any one time. Duplex units usually have three (3) bedrooms increasing the sleeping capacity up to a total of six guests.

Need to accommodate more than six (6) guests? Consider renting a villa?

You will find there are several options when it comes to holiday letting's for accommodation on this complex.

1) You can rent accommodation from a letting company
2) You can rent accommodation (when available) occasionally from the Yasmin Gardens developer office
3) You can rent an apartment or villa direct from one of the accommodation owners

Local Letting Agents:

Akbuk letting’s agents advertise and promote third parties accommodation and usually offer a selection of different properties in the other local tourist areas as well, mainly in nearby Altinkum.

Yasmin Gardens Site Officer:

The complex’s developers site office tends to rent accommodation when they have units on their books that are unsold. In most cases when available these tend to be standard apartments that sleep up to four (4) people.

Property Owners:

There are a number of individual accommodation owners that offer their holiday homes for short, medium, and long term rental. In particular you will find English family owned properties that tailor their property letting’s for purely English tourists. If you are English and are looking for a holiday apartment to rent in Yasmin Gardens Akbuk you will find this is often the cheapest as well as the best option when it comes to booking holiday accommodation in Akbuk.

An apartment here can be booked and rented for an affordable and competitive price, especially if you intend to undertake your holiday on a self catering basis. As usual when renting good holiday accommodation you will find the property facilities and furnishings are kept up to a high standard with health and safety as well as quality in mind. Most English owned holiday apartments for rental in Yasmin Gardens Akbuk have suitable crockery, cutlery, glassware, cooking utensils, and linen for you to use for the duration of your holiday. Towels are normally not provided so ensure you pack these with your travel luggage! Being English owned these holiday letting’s are usually decorated to the style and tastes of English people as opposed to Geman or Turkish.

If you are considering booking a holiday letting in Yasmin Gardens Akbuk the following points should be taken into account:

1) Booking conditions including charges for breakage damages (wear and tear should not be chargeable)
2) Booking deposit - how much is it and when is it payable?
3) Rental prices - what are the rates?
4) Bond / deposit - this is usually a refundable deposit providing no damage or breakages has occurred during your stay
5) Entry and exit time - when can you move into the accommodation and when do you need to leave?
6) Payment method - how do you pay for your booking? When is the total balance payable
7) Exceptions - no smoking, no pets allowed etc
8) Electric and water - are these utilities included or are they charge extra?
9) Meet and greet - do you require a service where an agent meets you at the accommodation and shows you around it?
10) Sun lounger use - does the rental include these and if so explanation of the  procedure for use around the complex’s pool
11) Airport transfers - do you need help with arranging an airport transfer?         






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