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Find out about “the real” Akbuk Turkey

If you are planning a visit perhaps for a spring, summer, or autumn holiday to AKBUK, our website details useful information related to this lovely quiet resort. If you are looking for a peaceful break away from the usual day to day hectic lifestyles some people live you will find AKBUK TURKEY is perfect.

The peaceful resort of Akbuk is located approximately in the centre of the most famous coastline in Turkey, it is positioned between Bodrum and the holiday resort of Kusadasi. This up and coming holiday resort in Turkey was once a sleepy fishing village but over the years (although it still retains it’s origins) it has become a holiday resort where mostly English and Turkish people visit. This beautiful location is also one location in Turkey where Turkish people have also chosen to buy a second home, purely to use for their holidays.

What is Akbuk really like?

At the time of writing this holiday resort in Turkey is undeveloped and has not been spoilt by commercialisation or impact from the tourist industry. It is in an area where it is surrounded by natural forests covered with olive and pine trees. The AKBUK beaches are relatively small in size but are clean, as is the sea. Think of crystal clear water and this is what you will find if you choose to stay in Akbuk.

This small holiday resort enjoys approximately 300 days of sun each year mirrored with a cool and gentle breeze that flows off the surrounding coastline and hills. This slight breeze is welcome at times especially when you consider that temperatures in the height of summer can often reach up into 40 degrees plus Celsius.        

Where is Akbuk located?

It’s location is approximately 20 km from the more well known resort of Altinkum next to Didum. It is approximately 60 km from another well known holiday resort; Kusadasi. The nearest airport is Bodrum airport, if you travel to the resort by the main road this is a distance of approximately 70 km. A shorter mountain route can be taken to travel to Akbuk Turkey, the winding mountain road is approximately 45 km distance from the airport to the village centre. If you choose to arrive at a different airport in Turkey then the alternative choice is Izmir airport, this is approximately 140 km in distance. If you have booked a taxi or minibus transfer to take you from Bodrum airport to your Akbuk apartment, hotel, or second home in this resort, most taxi and airport transfer operators choose to travel by way of using the mountain road route because of the time saving.

What can you do in this resort?

Unlike commercialised resorts in Turkey such as Altinkum and Kusadasi the holiday resort of AKBUK TURKEY is more focused on relaxation and adventure. The resort is close to many ancient historical sights both Greek and Roman. Two to mention are Ephesus and the Temple of Apollo. If you enjoy sight seeing by way of visiting historical sights you will find plenty to visit in Turkey. You can travel to sights such as these by taking a trip from one of the resort tourist shops, using local car rental, or taking an excursion from your apartment complex or hotel organiser department.  

You will find countless boat trips can be booked from the small harbour location or alternatively from one of the tourist agent offices. In addition to leisure boat day trips that usually offer visits to several key beach coves and beautiful swimming locations, you can also undertake trips for fishing if this is something that appeals to you. If you are a keen angler Turkey offers some of the best deep sea fishing especially for catching sea bass and tuna fish. Several of the boat trip operators include an element of fun in their trips where you can enjoy a barbeque lunch on a secluded beach as well as participate in fun activity such as jumping off the top decks of the boats into the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea. Drink, music, and fine dining can make all the difference with one of these boat trips, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting what to do on a day out here.

Other things you can do is enjoy the hospitality of the local bars, cafes, and restaurants. Most cafes and restaurants serve traditional Turkish food with a few offering international menus as well. In no particular order at the time of writing you could try the following eateries; Akvaryum, Celebi, Covent Garden, the Derby Bar, the Garden, Liberte Bar, the Liman Cafe, Pasa, Pizza Hatti, Sultan, Sumer Cafe, Yosun, and last but not least Zara Cafe Restaurant. In addition to these you will find other small cafes and takeaways that serve a wide range of food and at affordable prices.

Looking for a really nice place to dine out at for a special meal?

Try “The Garden”. Not only does this restaurant offer a great selection of meals to choose from in their menu, it also is in a great quiet location matched with perhaps the best waiter service you will find in this resort. Ask any of the tourists or apartment / house owners for their recommended place to dine at - you will find this particular restaurant is mentioned nearly every time as the best restaurant in the whole of Akbuk. Alternatives worthy of a mention are Akvaryum (try their chicken fajita's) and Celebi. Of all the eateries Celebi has a strong standing if you are dining on budget. Their menu is small in comparison to a lot of their competitors but the food is of a high quality matched with a pleasant overall customer service. Another nice place for dining is the Derby Bar as well as Pasa.

Are there any cafes or restaurants you should avoid?

Without being biased you can generally find out for yourself quickly which are the good and which are the poor ones to avoid. If you visit any of the Akbuk Restaurants and receive the following service (or observe findings) then you know you should be really dining elsewhere; wrong food delivered, lengthy delays in meals arriving at your table, other tables receiving their food prior to you - yet your table ordered first! , hot meals being served cold, dirty table linen, dirty cutlery, and although we hate to say it, filthy toilet facilities. If you are unsure of how clean in general the restaurant is behind the scenes (in the kitchen in particular) visit their toilet first! If it is filthy, walk away and dine elsewhere. One problem that has been encountered by many visitors to this resort in Turkey is the amount of wild dogs that roam free. Some of the restaurant staff tolerate the dogs roaming around their outside seating areas but the good ones take action against this. Do you want to be pestered by a dog whilst enjoying your lunch or evening meal?

One thing that can also help identify a possible poor restaurant or cafe bar in this Turkish holiday location is an eatery where you experience poor customer service because of overly attention from male waiters, or worse the owner of the restaurant itself. Several of the restaurants have staff that seem to pay more attention to the female customers for their own agenda as opposed to serving customers that have picked their restaurant to simply dine and drink at! You can easily spot these “parasites” who prey on mostly UK female tourists by way of the waiter, bar man, or owner having an “English” type name and them generally making a real fuss when any UK women are around. Diners and UK women in particular - if you don’t like this type of attention, when you spot them simply make your own mind up if the venue you are in is one you are comfortable dining, drinking, and spending your hard earned cash in! At the time of writing (again without being biased) five recommended eateries where you can have an “uninterrupted” meal are Akvaryum, Celebi, the Garden, Pasa, and Pizza Hatti.   

Evening Entertainment in the restaurants

This unfortunately can be a warning that you will probably receive poor service in the restaurant that has laid on a form of entertainment. If properly organised and planned a form of entertainment should add to your dining and holiday experience. What tends to be the norm in this Turkish resort though is for several eateries to lay on entertainment such as a belly dancer or singer in the aim to attract customers and encourage them to spend their money there instead of at an alternative cafe or restaurant. This entertainment is put on at the expense of the restaurant providing good customer service and quality of food.

If you visit one of the Akbuk Restaurants that for example has a belly dancer on, you will soon find out the restaurant gets packed full of tourists to the point where the staff cannot cope with drink and meal orders. Meals will take an extremely long time to be served and often will be served cold, wrong, or just not at all. Couple this up with perhaps dirty table linen, roaming dogs, dirty toilets, and an English (false) named Turkish member of staff being overly friendly with the women customers and you will wish you went elsewhere!

Without tarnishing any of the Akbuk cafes or restaurants, you can not blame the managers and owners of the establishments that are genuinely trying to offer something of interest to their customers by way of laying on some form of evening entertainment. It is a shame that a few though do not pay attention to the basic service needs of customers that would like to have a good dining experience - and not bad service because the restaurant cannot cope with the demand.

In most of the restaurants it can be summed up very easily. If you want to have a good meal and experience then choose a cafe or restaurant that has NO ENTERTAINMENT laid on! If you want the entertainment then don’t go along on the night to eat, eat elsewhere first and just turn up to watch the entertainment. By all means buy a few drinks, perhaps a bottle of wine or the pleasant Turkish lager called EFES.

It is worth mentioning one exception to all of the restaurants where evening entertainment is good - and without it impacting on the customer service provided. The eatery in question is called PASA. In a great position where you can sit and watch the amazing sunsets this venue is well worth a visit. Not only do all the staff offer great service (and speak really good English) but the food is great too. Their menu is exciting as it offers traditional Turkish dishes as well as English favourites. Where else in Akbuk could you order a steak and ale pie or chunky chips with chilli carne? Even the kids are catered for with Pasa’s “yummies for little tummies” childrens menu. Entertainment at Pasa is usually several times a week by the form of a good singer. In no way at all does the entertainment here detract from your dining experience!

Want another good sign? You on most nights have to book and reserve a table at Pasa! By keeping the number of dining guests to their comfortable limit you receive great all round service.

Top recommended restaurants

At the time of writing if there were three recommended restaurants that stand out above the others they in no particular order would be; Celebi, the Garden, and Pasa.        

Summer Night Market

In the summer months Akbuk has a summer night market which is a market that focuses on traders selling craft items, jewellery, quality wines, clothing, and gift items. If you are after a nice present to take home then the market is well worth a visit.

Friday Akbuk Market

This is a weekly open air type market that is held on each Friday. Being a traditional market this is a place where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, household items, groceries, clothes, jewellery, footwear, and much more. If you want to try your hand at bartering this is the place to go. Please be aware though that as throughout the whole of Turkey you will find the majority of designer branded products sold are fake. Looking to buy a cheap pair of Dr Dre Headphones? A Prada Handbag? Or how about a Hollister Shirt? Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt? Or Converse or Vans Trainer Shoes? - spend your money carefully they are sure to be counterfeit inferior copies!    

Property in Akbuk

As mentioned previously this resort is where a lot of Turkish people have chosen to buy a second home. The natural beauty and it’s quaint appeal has led to Akbuk being a holiday location where property is in demand. When looking for a domestic property you can choose from apartments, flats, houses, and villas. Holiday accommodation tends to focus on self catering apartments and villas but there are a handful of small hotels too. The Derby Bar Restaurant Hotel is just one to mention. The holiday rental apartments tend to be in complex locations as opposed to free standing ones. In most apartment rental complexes you will also find facilities such as a swimming pool and sun bathing terraces. The large ones also have a bar or cafe as well as a small convenience shop. These are handy when you want a break away from dining out at the village centre restaurants.

If you are looking to find a suitable Akbuk Apartment to rent consider the availability of holiday accommodation that is in Olive Gardens, the Mandalya complex, Magnolia complex, Summer Breeze, The Pines, Sea Shells, and Yasmin Gardens.

If you are part of a large group or a family (above six guests) and require a single suitable holiday accommodation consider the rental of a holiday villa? View More Details     

Need accommodation to suit up to six people? Choose to rent a luxury duplex apartment  View More Details

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Owners Of Rental Properties

We receive frequent requests for holiday letting’s contacts for accommodation in this resort. If you don’t have your own website (or possible have no advertising in place at all) we can feature your property for you and at a competitive price.

Our Akbuk Apartment Website Service can be tailored to suit your individual needs and include several photographs of your choice. You can choose whether to receive contacts from interested parties by either email and / or telephone.

If you own an apartment, a villa, or a holiday home and are considering the letting route to generate income, you can benefit from our strong on-line presence that will put your property in-front of a large number of potential clients.

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Akbuk Weather

The weather this resort receives is typical of a hot Turkish holiday location. You can expect hot temperatures during the peak summer months with the weather being mild in spring and autumn. The winter months are when it rains most in the Akbuk Aegean area and it is usually welcomed by the Turkish residents here as natural rain water is a commodity that is often in short supply here. For the latest up to date temperatures and climate conditions you can read more on our popular and informative Akbuk Weather Forecast page.   


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