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Holiday Accommodation Keyholding Services In Akbuk, Turkey

If you are looking for a local contact for property key holding services you have come to the right place...

Our website features details and information on where you can obtain Akbuk Key Holding Services for your holiday home whether it is an apartment, a studio, a villa, or a luxury mountain residence.

UK Apartment owners:

We feature contact details of English people that reside in the Altinkum, Akbuk, and Didum areas who can undertake this service for you. Living in the local area means they have the ability to call at your property at any time to check on the property or to meet any guests as well.

A wide range of services is available that can be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. If you let your holiday apartment or villa out they can be the local contact for guests to contact during their holiday stay in Akbuk.  

Range of services available:

These include general key holding for whilst you are away from your holiday home whether you use it for private use or for letting. An as required or scheduled visit service to call at your Akbuk property and carry out a general inspection as well as testing of it’s utilities including electric and water. The running and testing of your properties air conditioners and any heaters, any appliances, the lights, and so on... One really useful service that can be carried out is a monthly visit where the apartment or villa is aired and ventilated.

Damp  is not a problem that you will want in your holiday accommodation, the only way to prevent it is by way of ensuring the property is well ventilated from time to time.  If the doors and windows are opened in your property (especially after any adverse Turkish weather conditions) each month it will allow air to circulate and prevent condensation or damp build up.

At the same time it is worth having the water supply turned on at it’s connection valve and water run through the taps and the toilets to keep the pipes free of sludge build up and clear out any stagnant water from the plumbing system.  Most nasty smells in holiday properties tend to come because of infrequent use of the plumbing and drainage system.  In line with this is running of the taps and fitments fitted to all wash basins, baths, and showers, the regular testing of these by an Akbuk Keyholder Service provider can identify any faults and problems before they escalate to become a bigger potential issue.

Identification of necessary maintenance or building repairs:

The use of a key holder service agent can help you spot maintenance and building problems before your next visit to your Akbuk property. If you spend the majority of your time at your main home in the UK you can not be in two places at once. For just a few pounds each month you can have peace of mind that your investment in the sun is being taken care of.

Security of your Akbuk Apartment or Villa:

Although crime is low in Turkey it makes sense to protect your investment - just as you would do with your UK property. When you are thousands of miles away from Akbuk a local key holder can help you maintain low level security at your property.

A regular visit to your Turkish property is the only way (other than a CCTV system) to keep an eye on it’s condition and maintain security. Local people and neighbours will also take note of when a building is occupied or is vacant. Most crimes committed as regards thefts are carried out by opportunists, the appearance of a regular person undertaking a property visit can prevent this.

If you offer your Akbuk Apartment to rent you may consider the keyholder service where guests are greeted and met at your property on their arrival, they are then given an introduction to the apartment which is in the form of a property tour. Here the contents and condition is noted and logged on a form which both parties sign. A breakages bond is then paid by the guests to the keyholder, this bond is returned when the guests vacate the property and no damage or breakages have occurred during their stay.

An addition to this service which Key Holders in Akbuk can provide is that of providing a local property cleaning and laundry service. If you have guests (whether paying customers or not) visiting on and off throughout the year you will need to have the property as well as the linen within cleaned and freshened up. An Akbuk service provider can carry this out for you ensuring your property in Turkey is kept habitable at all times.



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The Yasmin Gardens Holiday apartment complex in Akbuk Turkey
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